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5 Tips for Holiday Interior Painting and Decorating Ideas


Looking for Festive Holiday Interior Painting Ideas?

The holidays are upon us, and you’ve been thinking about that gathering room and those walls for months now. You’ll soon be preparing for guests and get-togethers. It may be too late to consider that remodeling project or addition you’ve been dreaming of, but not all is lost. Here are five ideas to help freshen up your home and boost your holiday aesthetic, saving you time and money. Painting your walls is an excellent way to makeover your home: Refresh, Revitalize, and Renew ANY room!

Accent Wall Colors

Add a POP! of color with an accent wall. Choosing a focal wall in your home is a great way to change or add color to a room without a huge commitment. Give your room that holiday feel without having to paint the entire room.

Paint Cabinets

Have you been eyeing those farmhouse kitchen colors? How about the white-washed cabinets? Who needs a kitchen remodel when you can paint your cabinets. Give your kitchen a fresh makeover by painting your cabinets. It’s a quicker job and much less expensive than replacing your entire kitchen layout.

Paint Your Guest Room

Try out a new color palette in your guest bedroom and completely overhaul the look and feel. Guest rooms typically have less furniture and color matching items, which makes this room the perfect candidate to try bold new choices. Neutral curtains and bedspreads are great anchors to add unique color choices to your walls.

Neutralize Your Wall Colors

Some holiday decor with a red and green theme may not always be the best compliment for your walls and everyday decor. Consider painting your gathering room walls a more neutral tone just for the holiday season. Help your bright, bold colors and decorations fill in your aesthetic, accentuating your home and furniture.

Hire a Professional Painter

Painting your walls as part of your holiday to-do list might be too much stress to take on for the most organized and prepared homeowner. The holidays are supposed to make you feel jolly and happy! not stressed and depressed. Hiring a professional painter will ensure the job is done correctly and completely, and not to mention quickly. Painters are in and out, and if you hire the right one, just as though they were never there, leaving your household uninterrupted except for freshly renewed paint and color.

Is your home due for a mini-makeover? You can completely transform your home for the holidays with these five easy tips and in only a few days’ time. Try one or all five! Relieve holiday-related anxiety and treat yourself by having your home freshly painted. The holidays may be closing in, but wow-ing your guests will be a breeze. What’s your favorite holiday interior painting tip? Tip number 5 is easy! Call Polson Painting for a free no-obligation quote.

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