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Roughing it

“We basically lived upstairs in our bedroom,” Michelle says of their six-week renovation. “We bought a table I could use as a desk, and we bought a toaster for my bedside table.”

“Starting right about the time of construction, he would get up every morning at 5:15 and drive to radiation, which was about an hour from our house,” Michelle explains. “The biggest obstacles were trying to keep him relaxed, stress-free and rested.”

Nick recently saw his doctor in California and learned that he’s in complete remission now with no major side effects. “We knew that once we got through this, it was going to be Easy Street.” Making a house a home “Our Realtor was awesome! I cannot say enough good things about Nancy,” Michelle says. “Before we even closed

on our house, Nancy opened her Rolodex of contacts and we had dates set for painters to come in and our contractors to start work.”

“Nancy set all that up. Nick had to be out here for work, so he met contractors and would FaceTime with me in

California.” Once the demo and construction were completed, Michelle turned to five of her girlfriends across the country for design advice. She was looking to give the updated house a coastal vibe.

“I would take pictures of color swatches on the wall and send it to them so they would weigh in.” Michelle trusted Don Polson Painting to create her vision of a bright and airy space, using Sherwin-Williams paints On The Rocks on the top of the walls with Pure White on the wainscoting. The beams in the living room were painted with Westchester Gray to give the space a warm, cozy feeling. The couple worked with Jen Carreno

at Rare Hues in Carrollwood to buy furniture and accessories for their new space. Michelle says she was amazing to work with and helped them tie the space together.