Residential Exterior Painting

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No Other Tampa Painting Company Can Paint the Outside of your home better than Polson Painting! 

And Here’s Why!!


 First, we thoroughly wash your house to eliminate all dirt, mildew, and insect debris.  A clean surface is essential for proper adhesion of primers and paints.


 We scrape any loose or peeling paint from the surfaces, sand any glossy areas. If we notice wood repairs are needed at the time of the quote, we will connect you with our preferred contractor as a referral, if we can’t do it.


 Next, we caulk all trim joints, seams, and fill any cracks or holes to ensure the house is sealed up from insects,  rain, wind, heat and cold air from getting into your home.


 Once repairs are complete, we prime any bare wood and/or stains with Sherwin Williams bonding primer or Pro Block to ensure any future flaking or stains bleeding through of the new paint.


We employ high-quality Sherwin-Williams brand exterior paints, such as Resilience (2 coats on previously painted surfaces) and Duration (1 coat on previously painted surfaces, its self-priming) . Paint is applied by our skilled craftsman painters using proven professional techniques, including brushing, rolling or spraying and back rolling.


When we’re completely finished we’ll conduct three inspections to ensure nothing’s been missed, that the coverage is good, and that all paint lines are straight, with no overlapping of colors.  Any needed touch-ups will be done at that time. Our goal is to leave you delighted with the outcome and leave you with complete peace of mind.


Clean up is done daily and thoroughly at the completion of a job. Ladders and equipment are neatly stored overnight at a place you appoint. Leftover paint is sealed, properly marked for future touch-ups, and left with you. We leave your premises in the condition it was before we began.

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