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At a point in an individual’s life, one is quite at the crossroads of making decisions. The ability of such decision to be accurate (right) or wrong will depend largely on the information one gets from family, friends, the media, internet and all other sources of information. In like manner, the outcome of such a decision will either bring satisfaction or regret (as a result of a bad decision made).

Often, when we acquire an apartment, have our personal houses, get involved in a company or any structural establishment, we will inevitably be faced with the decision/choice of painting it. It is often said that the kind of paint/color reflects the personality of an individual. It is on this account that it is necessary to highlight various qualities of a professional painting company before awarding them your interior or exterior painting project.

Tampa, with its various climatic conditions ranging from humid, rainfall, sunshine effect, affects paint; that is, it may wash it away or lose its glistening property especially on the exterior of your house if not done by a professional painting company. There are some points to note when you are about to hire a painting contractor. These amidst others are;

1. A company that suggests the color of paint that will be suitable:  There are many painters who simply know the application of the paint to the wall. They are totally “blank” in the paints they handle. A couple of years back, I remember a family friend who had in mind to get the family together after years of separation. He awarded a painting contract for his dining room to a painting contractor and they both settled for a sea color. On arrival from work, a twilight color was used rather than the sea color, because the painter could not differentiate between sea and twilight color. He had to call off the reunion out of anger.  In essence, choose a company that is knowledgeable enough about the color of paint to apply and should be able to communicate it with good reasons for you.

2. What type of painting service is offered by the company: The type of painting service is also known as the specialization. It should be known exactly what they are offering. That is if they specialize in the interior, exterior of a structure. There are also some painters who deal with the painting of kitchen cabinets, ceilings, and other furniture. What is offered by the company should be taken into account before awarding the job. This is important because chances may have it that when a painter with a different skill is awarded painting of the interior of a building, definitely a bad job will be done and it will result into a waste of resources.

3. How long they have been in business: It is often known that how often a company has been doing its duty adds experience and credibility to its title. When looking for a company, carefully search for one that has years of practice as it adds experience and credibility to them, thereby, giving more conviction to your instincts.

4. A company that has samples to display: Samples of previous work done should be provided and it will be left for you to decide to use their service based on the samples seen.

In light of the above reasons, there are various painting companies in the Tampa area that provide quality painting service both for the interior and exterior of your structure.  Here is a highlight of Polson Painting.

Polson Painting: Officially seen on their website, ( Polson Painting offers a wide range of services that meets your residential and commercial painting needs. It varies from:

  • Paint Selection Consultation

  • Exterior Surface Preparation

  • Interior Preparation

  • Residential Exterior Painting

  • Commercial Exterior Painting

  • Multi-Story Exterior Painting

  • Residential Interior Painting

  • Commercial Interior Painting

  •  Maintenance Program

Many people recommend Polson Painting because they are a family owned and operated business and provide top-notch services and practice professionalism coupled with good communication skills at what they offer. They have been in business for over 20 years and are Angie’s List A+ rate company for the last 8 years. Now you know who is the best painting company in Tampa.


Paint Selection Consultation Exterior Surface Prep

residential and commercial painting

best painting company in Tampa

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