Does The Quality of Your Exterior Paint Really Matter?


Why is it important to use good quality exterior paint?

As a proud homeowner, there’s nothing quite like watching your investment gain in value. Having a beautiful home is a goal of many because it provides:

  • Great personal comfort
  • A sense of social accomplishment
  • The opportunity for crafting beautiful memories and connections.

Your home isn’t only where you sleep and spend your out-of-work time; it’s also how people perceive you. Your exterior facade can solidify good impressions about you and the life you lead or make you seem less responsible or meticulous.

Paint is one of the first things people will notice on your home; it serves as a house’s skin, and with the markings and cracks that come with time, it can make your entire home look old and unkempt. That’s why the quality of your exterior paint is primordial.

There Are Plenty of Paint Options to Choose From

If you have gone paint shopping, you have likely come across a myriad of paint options. They range dramatically in price because the final look of paint is highly dependent on the quality of the oil.

Generally, the more expensive the paint, the smoother and more consistent your paint will look. Therefore, it may be best maximizing on your paint budget to avoid having to redo the entire work in no time.

Advantages of High-Quality Paint

High-quality paint is a worthy investment because it can improve the market value of your home. It makes your house more visually striking and allows for the crisp and clean finish of sophisticated comfort bequests. Here are a few strong points of high-quality paint:

Glossy Finish

High-quality paint provides a glossy final result. The oil is consistent and dense, making it catch and reverberate the light. When opting for matte paints, the higher the quality, the cleaner the entire finished look will be.

Durable Result

The greater the quality of the paint, the more durable it will be. In some environments in particular, such as sea air, paint can crack quickly. Paint can also lose its vibrancy and coloring with dry and dusty weather. Generally, the higher the quality of the paint, the greater its lifespan can be with only a few coats.

Smooth Surface

High-quality paint is smooth and consistent because of higher-grade chemical bonding. It will not form bubbles or bumps and dents on the surface. The final result will be as flat as the application allows it, and the color will be packed evenly across the entire surface.

Value for Money

The higher the quality of the paint, the fewer the costs you will have to apply to get a finished, dense and glossy result. The better the paint, the longer it will also last before a repaint is necessary. Therefore, you will need less paint to achieve more durable results, making your expense provide a higher return in the long run.

Risks of Low-Quality Paint

Low-quality paint is visible from afar. Your exteriors are most prone to coming in contact with outside conditions such as rain, snow, humidity, dust, car exhaust fumes, etc. Therefore, low-quality paint on your exteriors will age rapidly. You can typically expect low quality paint to lead to the following:

Paint Cracking

Paint can begin to crack two to three years after it has been applied. For low-quality paint, this timeline is usually much shorter. Sometimes, particularly when salt is present in the air, paint can look old within months of application.

Shedding Paint Dust

When paint begins to crack, it sheds all over the place, which can make a messy, dusty powder with unpleasant fumes.

Coating of Outside Dust

The lower the oil quality, the easier it will be for the dust to penetrate its topcoat. With lighter shades such as beige and ivory, the dust coat can make the paint look dirty and darker.

A Concluding Note

Good quality paint can make all the difference on your exteriors. It can provide a shiny and glossy finish that will look its best for years. In the long run, investing in higher quality paint will ensure that you spend less than you would have on cheaper paint that requires constant re-coating.

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