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You get what you pay for in a painting contractor

Chances are you’ve seen advertisements that look too good to be true.  They may boast a very low cost for painting three or four rooms in your home. Many people may jump on these offers however you need to know little bit more about what you get for that very low price.  In general, a good rule of thumb is that you get what you pay for and cheaper does not always mean better.

Painter Prep work

Preparing for a paint job requires moving furniture, taking down pictures, window treatments and even removing switch plates off of the walls. If you sign up for this special painting deal, you will likely have to do all the prep work yourself. That includes covering your furniture and carpeting and even removing everything on the walls. A low-cost paining estimate will likely not include any prep work or even sanding and repairing walls prior to painting.  Unless you have somebody coming in to paint completely empty rooms with nothing on the walls then be prepared to do all of that yourself when you use a low-cost painting contractor.

One color at a time

Another part the advertisements don’t tell you is that you sometimes must use the same color for all the rooms that you will have painted. This is for a few reasons, one it is much cheaper to buy paint in volume,  also when the painter doesn’t have to change colors the same brushes and trays can be used for the whole job taking less time.  You may not want all of your rooms the same color.

Poor quality workmanship

A professional painter takes time to cut out, cut in and roll out all the walls two times. Cutting it all around the walls, ceiling, window, baseboards and doorways takes time.  Plus a professional painter will do all of these twice to assure a solid paint finish. With only one coat of paint you will see brush marks and the job will look subpar.

Poor quality paint

There are many grades of paint available and typically their price dictates the quality. A painter that is offering a low-cost deal is most definitely using low quality paint. Your color will not last as long and the paint finish will be thin and dull when using low quality paint. In the case of paint material you definitely get what you pay for.

There are a lot of things in life where you could say you get what you pay for and a painting contractor is certainly one of them. Always get 3 quotes and compare! There are many reasons why it is worth it to pay extra for a high quality painting contractor. Don’t fall for cheap quotes and advertising gimmicks because in the long run you will not have a quality paint finish and you could be left unsatisfied. At Polson Painting we stand by the quality of our work and do the job properly. Read more about why we ONLY use Sherwin-Williams paint.

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