How Colors Affect You and Picking the Right Colors for the Right Room


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Did you know that there is a whole psychology behind choosing colors? Each color invokes moods in humans when seeing them on a daily basis. Don’t be surprised. Ever felt nature’s colors invoking emotions in you? How do you feel when it is raining and everything is grey? How about when you are in a field of grass and sunflowers? All these colors and the majesty of them truly take your breath away. And that is why, when it comes to choosing the right colors for your own abode, you should be very careful of which color goes where.

Colors affect you in a very subtle way and on the subconscious level. Read on to see how one of the best painters in Tampa will help you select the various colors that will affect you and whether they are suitable in any particular room in your house or at all.


This is a rich color with a moody effect. One of the strongest hues on the color wheel, red is an inviting and stimulating color. It is best to have it in sitting areas or the entrance to create a nice cozy atmosphere that stimulates conversation and creates an impression.

As this color gets the heartbeat up it should be avoided in the bedrooms; however, to invoke passion the color can be used as an accent wall with a neutral color on other walls to tone down the effect.


This is a natural color. It is restful and invokes peace and tranquility. This is one of the few colors that can be used anywhere in the house. Green invokes calmness and allows you to unwind after a long and hectic day. Linked with fertility, here is another color that you can add to your bedroom wall(s).


Orange energizes any place up. It is jazzy and energetic which keeps any place bright and cheerful. It is a great choice for an activity room in your house that would get the creativity juices flowing or if you have a home gym, then encourage you to stick to an active regimen. It should be avoided in bedrooms in large portions, as it would not let one to wind down. However, cleverly incorporating small blocks of the color or in accents can allow for one to jazz up a teen bedroom.


Another bright and cheerful color it is great for sitting areas. It is the color of sunshine and expresses jovial and merry vibes. In hallways it lets the room breath and feel expansive and bright.


The royal color, this color is associated with royalty, as long ago this was the only color which was difficult to extract and was afforded by wealthy or royal families alone. It is intimate, luxurious and sophisticated and makes any interior seem the same. Lighter tones, such as lavender or lilac, makes for a restful interior in bedrooms while making it also feel warm.

Colors play an important role in interiors, so when next choosing the right color of the right room, do make sure the purpose of each room and how each color affects you and simply match one with the other and paint away.

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