How to Hire a Painting Company in Tampa, Florida


Looking to Hire a Painting Company in Tampa Fl?

Hiring a professional painting company is much better than a DIY project you start personally. It will help you take out all the stress from painting your home – but there is a catch to it – you need to find just the right company to do your job for you. Even though there are dozens of painting companies in Tampa, Florida – you need to find one that will be able to fulfill all your requirements.

This is an important decision and requires careful consideration. You can use the following guidelines to choose which painting company is the best in Tampa.

Ask around

Definitely at the top of the list – when you ask you family, friends or neighbors for advice, they can guide you with experience. And it is a much more sensible option to get help from tried and tested professionals as compared to hiring a professional who only seems like he will do a good job. You can get a clear idea on which companies to hire and which not to hire, based on the reviews of your acquaintances.

Write down at least three contractors

Once you know which ones you can hire and which ones you should not, list down the best three and compare their estimated prices. This will further shorten your list and help you stay within a budget. However, carefully look out for steep price differences. There may be a service one contractor might be offering that the other isn’t. It will be better if you ask the whole package included and then compare both, prices and services before selecting a final contractor.

Interview the candidates

You need to know a lot about who you’re going to entrust with the look of your house. So we suggest going to each one or calling them up for a short interview about how long they have been in this business, whether they have the right licenses, whether they have any insurance or bonding policies, are they a member of any larger organization, do they subcontract the work or perform it themselves, do they have service/product guarantees and finally which products will they be using.

Check References

Ask for references and try to visit or talk to at least three different references to ask how the quality of work was. It would be better if you could visit the reference so that you can personally evaluate the quality of work which was done and how it has held up over the time.

Review the Contract

Once you have decided on a the best painting company in Tampa, make sure you review the contract provided, thoroughly. Read what is included, and what’s not, the services they will be offering, the details about preparation and cleaning, the colors they’ll be using, the time the project will take and when and how much the contractor will be paid.

Always remember, better safe than sorry – so invest in a good contractor with excellent references and reasonable prices.

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