Keeping your new paint job from fading and peeling


Make Your New Paint Job Last!

After finishing the huge task of painting your home, you can relax, sit back and enjoy the new look of your house. But whether you used a contractor or handled the job yourself, painting your house’s interior or exterior walls and fixtures can be a big investment of your money and time. Peeling paint can become a real problem:  Proactively prepare for this by ensuring your contractor has properly sanded and cleaned the surface to allow the paint to adhere properly.  However, should you be faced with peeling or fading paint, you want to resolve that. Certainly you can prime and paint an area where paint job has peeled off. Providing the remaining sides are stable, it will certainly work. Now that the job is done, you will want to extend the long life of your paint whenever possible, so follow the tricks below to maintain your paint job. Polson Painting a Tampa Painting Company recommends:

Checking for stains and spots

With time, stains and spots will gather on your paint job. To ease the pain of washing hard to remove stains from your walls, it is better to treat them instantly. This approach may sound easy, but remember that you may not be familiar with spots right after they appear. Taking the time to inspect high traffic areas can help you locate possible spots that must be treated. Home owners must also focus on areas where kids or pets love to play or where household furniture like chairs or couches touches the walls.

Dealing with mold

Mold thrives in high moisture and warm areas. For humid and warm areas like basements and bathrooms, home owners can buy special paints that stop the appearance of mold. If you find a wall with mildew or mold on it, check the affected area to figure out the brutality of the infestation. You can clean it perfectly using a solution of 1 part bleach to 4 parts water to ensure you test the bleach on a small spot first. If the spot is bigger than 9 square feet, it might have to be cleaned by an expert.

Battling fading paint

The most effective ways to prevent fading paint will be to invest in quality paint. However, if you are not sure of the quality of paint presently on your walls, other ways to fight fading is to use shades to prevent incoming sunlight. In case you want sunny areas all around and a lasting paint job, think about tinting your home windows with an Ultraviolet protectant.

Avoiding rot

For exterior projects paint provides more than color to the surface of your house; when painting your house or working with a contractor, makes sure you check that the undersides corners are painted. If you don’t paint the bottom part of the bare wood, it may consume water and may cause the board to rot.

Frequency of maintenance

Exterior paint upkeep depends on the material used on your house. Environment plays a major role in the life of your paint job. Home owners in milder climates may experience long lasting paint jobs compared to those who stay in harsher climates, but normally home owners must expect to repaint their house every 8 to 10 years depending on the color. You should typically pressure wash your home every 12-16 months after your paint job to keep it clean and keep mildew off the exterior.

A good paint job in Tampa by Polson Painting can bring new life to your indoor and outdoor space, and when perfectly cared for, it can last for many years. By following these ideas, you can keep your paint looking like new all through the full lifespan of your investment and appreciate the look of your house for many years to come.

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