Painting Company or Painting Contractor


Hiring a Painting Company vs. a Painting Contractor

What is the difference between hiring a painting contractor that does all the work themselves versus a painting company with a crew? They are all professional painters right? So what’s the difference, and more importantly what are the direct benefits? It may seem obvious at first, but here are the real benefits of hiring a painting company:


Hiring a painting company will save you time. The job is completed in a lesser amount of time due to the number of crew members working on the project. A singular DIY painting contractor with a helper will cover much less ground with fewer people. If you have a project larger than a single room, it may be wiser to consider hiring a company.

Quality Control

If you are your own boss, you rate yourself an A+ on every job. Self-criticism is difficult. When you hire a company, there is a hierarchy of accountabilities. One mistake may slip through the eyes of the initial quality check but having a project manager overlooking the job will not.


These days anyone with a ladder and a paintbrush can call themselves a painting contractor. It is not a terribly difficult job to learn, however, it is a difficult one to get right. Individual painters typically branch off on their own after working for a company for a measured number of time and consider themselves experienced. Running a painting company is much more than skilled labor, it entails superior customer service, proper insurances and licensing, time management and ability to price the job correctly.


Corners are easily cut as are prices with the choice of materials. Premium paints like Sherwin Williams, comes at a premium cost. Without the buying power of a larger painting company, this is an area that DIY painters tend to pinch, in order to keep their bids low.


If time is money, this is clearly a benefit to hire a professional painting company. From labor costs to inconveniences of set up and crews disrupting your daily flow, hiring a company will be more cost effective. Cost can also be what you save in potential damages from hiring a painting company with the right insurances and liabilities.

A bid is not always face value of the estimated cost. Hiring contractors of any type requires the knowledge of what you get, versus what you pay for. With any estimate, always make sure the job is outlined in time, materials, responsibility, and liability.  If you are looking to save costs, save time, hire the most experienced, and get the best quality job – Hire a Professional Painting Company. For estimates, comparison quotes and general questions, call the experts at Polson Painting.

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