Painting Contractors with Project Managers


Why is it important to hire a painting contractor that employs project managers?

When you hire a painting contractor are you guaranteed to have a project manager? And why is that important? It is unlikely you will have a project manager if you hire a contractor without a crew. There are lots of singular-employee painting contractors out there and many pros and cons of hiring them. Here’s what makes hiring a painting professional with a project manager advantageous:

Quality Assurances

The number one reason everyone hires a professional is for the best work possible. Having a project manager on a painting job means your work is triple checked. A crew that knows their work will be inspected is unlikely to make modest mistakes. They are more apt to produce their best work knowing it will get done again if it doesn’t pass inspection. The project manager must inspect the work, in order to pass the owner’s standards. And finally, the owner must give final approval of a job well done, as it represents the company’s integrity and reputation. Triple the inspection means no substandard work for the homeowner.

Project managers get the job done right the first time, reviewing checklists, time spent on the job and progress. Making sure things such as: safety checks, ensuring paint is applied evenly free from runs or drips and brush marks, and a thorough walk-through confirming the customer’s approval.

Painting companies with project managers communicate, organize, and execute the painting job from start to finish. A well-documented plan ensures that the job goes smoothly, on time and on budget for both the homeowner and the business. Good communication and clearly defined scope of work means top performance and top quality, but most importantly customer satisfaction.

If you haven’t considered a painting company that employs a project manager, you may for future projects if quality assurance is a top priority. Efficiency and quality go hand in hand when your painting job is managed properly. Polson Painting’s triple touch-point inspection with the use of project managers means you know what to expect from every job. The same level of service and precision is executed on every single job. Be sure to check our testimonials and compare.

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