Cheap Paint Vs Quality Paint


Why does paint quality matter?

You may be thinking all paints are the same and that it doesn’t matter which brand you choose whether it be considered a high-end brand or a budget friendly option. However quality matters a lot in paint. A higher quality paint has many more benefits than a lower quality paint. Here are the four key ingredients that determine paint quality:


In any given can of paint there are two types of pigments. One is a lower quality pigment that is added to increase the amount of the product. This type of pigment does not enhance the color much at all. The other type of pigment is a prime pigment. This is the pigment that provides the color and depth to the paint. High-quality paints have much more prime pigment than low quality paints, making them a superior choice.


Depending on the type of paint you are using it will have some type of binder. The amount, level of quality, and type of binder is what makes a difference.  Higher quality paint uses the best binders to help make them adhere to every surface properly and create a surface that is resistant to cracking, peeling and blistering.


In a can of paint the liquid is only added to help move the paint from the can to the surface. It doesn’t have any real benefits. The best quality paints have many more solids such as pigments and binders, as opposed to useless liquids. If you’ve ever tried to paint with a low-quality product that seems too watery it is because it has too many liquids.


Additives are mainly used to enhance the paint in specific ways. Additives can help a paint prevent mildew, prevent spoiling, help pigments distribute more evenly, and provide a level coat of paint. Many low quality paints do not have additives which creates an inferior result.

You may think you can save money by using a lower quality level of paint however this is not the case. Cheaper qualities of paint are thinner and take more coats for coverage. Inferior paint will not last nearly as long as a higher quality product. Consider the lifetime of the paint also, do you want to repaint your walls each year due to cracking and peeling? And what about home value? Are you considering selling your home in the near future? Quality paint shows. Here at Polson Painting we only use superior quality Sherwin-Williams paint.  We know from our years of experience that you will be satisfied for years to come.  Call Polson Paint today to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced project managers.

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