Small Spaces Make a Big Impact with Paint


Small Spaces Where Paint Can Make a Big Impact

Whether you have a smaller home, or a bigger home with a lot of smaller spaces, these smaller areas don’t have to go unnoticed. By painting smaller spaces that you maybe wouldn’t normally think to paint, you can really expand the area and make it much more appealing. Let’s look at what smaller areas you could paint in your home to make a big difference.


Most hallways are fairly narrow and don’t have the best lighting. A good way to choose a color for your hallway is to look at the rooms around the hallway, and choose a color that’s a couple shades lighter. This will really brighten up the area.


The first thing someone sees when they arrive to your home is the exterior, but the next thing they see is your entry way. If you have a formal entry way, use this space to make a statement by painting it a warm, inviting color!


You probably haven’t considered painting the inside of your closets. Most people don’t spend longer than a couple minutes looking in their closets but also look in them multiple times a day. Why not spruce them up with a fun paint color?


Stairwells are the perfect place to use a dramatic paint color. In general, you probably don’t spend much time in your stairwell. This makes it a great place to choose a color you love but wouldn’t use in a more formal area, like your dining room.

bathroom-paintSmall bathrooms

When you have a smaller bathroom, there never seems to be much you can do to it. But paint can make all the difference! Bathrooms are usually separate from the rest of the house enough that you can make it a whole different theme.


Whether you have built-in shelving or freestanding bookshelves, painting the shelves or the backwall of the shelving can add a nice pop of color to your home! You can get however Dramatic or subtle as you like, once you have objects on the shelving the color will be more toned down!

Accent wall

One of the best ways you can add color to your home without going overboard is by painting an accent wall. Choose a wall in your home that you want to highlight. Maybe it’s the wall that all your family portraits are on, or the wall your bedroom dressers are against. Either way, painting an accent wall is always a great idea!

Small spaces are the perfect area to get creative with paint colors. Whether it’s an accent wall in your bedroom, or the inside of your kitchen pantry, giving your home that extra pop of color can really enhance the entire space!

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