Top five reasons not to DIY Paint


Is it better to paint yourself or hire someone? 5 reasons not to diy paint:

If you are looking around your home and have decided that it is drab, dull and needs updating you may 1 be thinking, “Should I attempt this job myself or should I hire a professional?”  When considering home improvement projects, painting may be one you would consider doing yourself.  Here are the top five reasons why you should sit back and relax while the professionals take over your painting job.

Cost of DIY Paint

You may assume as most DIYers do that it is less expensive to do the job yourself. However, that is not always the case. Once you factor in the cost of all the materials you need such as paintbrushes, tarps, painting tape, trays and a variety of other necessary items to do the job properly you will realize that it is not cost-effective. Time is money and your time is very valuable. Leave it to the experts to do the job properly and efficiently, with all of the right tools and at a reasonable price.

Safety & Health

While painting may not seem unsafe there are risks. Climbing on ladders, venting your home properly as well as moving, prepping and cleaning could be dangerous. Why take the risk? Hire professionals who are experts in climbing ladders and painting hard to reach areas. If you’ve ever done any type of job on your own you are likely sore and uncomfortable after because you have not used those muscles before. The professionals are used to expertly painting and are in the best shape to do this job. Also even though paint fumes are safe to breathe you still may have an allergic reaction to the materials in the paint on your skin. Leave it to the experts and keep your own body healthy.

Condition of Your Walls and Your Skill Level

Unless you live in a brand new house, your walls have likely seen better days. Old picture hanging hole or patches, a few nicks, cracks and wall settling are a few things you may encounter. Your painting skills will ultimately determine whether or not you achieve results you’ll be happy with, and may end up calling in the professionals after all that effort.  The most important reason to hire a professional painter rather than attempting the job yourself is the final product. A professional painter will leave the walls and trim looking crisp and perfect. After all, they are experts in painting.

Choosing a color

The most common problem with do-it-yourself painters is choosing the wrong color. Paint colors look completely different on walls there in the store. Our experts know this and are available to help you choose the best color for your home.

Value of Your Time

Consider the timing of your project, when it needs to be finished by (the holidays for example or special occasions), how much time you have to complete it, and how long it will take you to move the furniture out and back in, tape the walls, trim and floors. Outsourcing chores can enhance your quality of life by giving you time to do the things you enjoy and reducing stress levels. Is it really worth it to DIY paint?

If you are questioning whether to hire a professional or attempt a DIY paint job yourself, don’t make the mistake of being a weekend warrior. Instead, hire the professionals for a high-quality paint job and save yourself the time and money of attempting painting on your own. When you are ready for a  quality paint job, hire the best tampa painting company: Polson Painting.

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