We Use Only Sherwin Williams Paint


Here’s why we only use Sherwin Williams paint

If you’ve ever shop for paints then you know that there are a wide variety of brands to choose from. Each brand has a variety of paint finishes and there is a large variation in price points. If you are hiring the professionals at Polson Painting you will only get the highest quality of Sherwin-Williams paint. There are several reasons why we use exclusively use Sherwin-Williams.


Believe it or not Sherwin-Williams has been in business for over 150 and they have been succeeding ever since. Sherwin-Williams went from one store in the 1800’s to 1000’s of locations throughout the world.  That is sure sign of success.  This rich history has enabled them to use their years of experience to create the highest quality of paints.

Customer service

If you’ve ever gone into a store that has lousy customer service then you will greatly appreciate the variety of customer service options that Sherwin-Williams has to offer. Whether it’s their great online tools for planning and picking colors, apps that help you choose paints or knowledgeable and friendly employees they know the value of customer service. They are willing to help with choosing colors and color matching as well as any issues that have that come up.  Their experienced employees benefit from the many years the company has been in business.

Large variety

Whether you are looking for interior or exterior paint or even paint for specialty areas Sherwin-Williams has it all. Their broad variety of paint finishes and colors as well as their ability to make custom colors makes it easy to find paint for any job.  You will have so many colors to choose from you will need expert help to make a decision!

Numerous locations

No matter what part of town are you living in there is sure to be a Sherwin-Williams close by. This makes it easy to get the paint and supplies needed for your job without wasting time and look through their color options.

Not just paint

Speaking of painting supplies Sherwin-Williams has everything needed. Whether your job requires brushes, rollers, tape, specialty items or something else Sherwin-Williams will have it. They are virtually a one stop shopping for completing a painting job from start to finish.

When it comes to choosing a brand of paint we choose Sherwin-Williams. They are our go to painting supplier. When you have a job done from Polson Painting it will be professionally completed with the highest quality of Sherwin-Williams paint.

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