5 Tips for Painting Your Home’s Exterior


What is recommended when painting the exterior of your house?

Scrape off the loose paints and give your home a fresh and updated, clean look with exterior paint. It adds a curb appeal to your budget.

However, a correctly done exterior painting calls for perfect preparation. From cleaning to sanding to priming to ensure the paint adheres and maintains its fresh look.

There is more to that. You should always ensure that you select the right paint that will not tear or wear fast. This article will delve into a few tips that will achieve a striking look that is long-lasting. They will make it a breeze.

Preparation is Key!

Of course, the exterior is dirty, and for the fresh paint to comply, you have to prepare the surfaces.

Clean the exteriors to all grime, dirt, chalky residue, and mildew. You can use a stiff-bristle brush to scrub the dirt or use a power sprayer. In case the old paint is still in good condition, you can paint on top of it. But with flaked-off or blistered spots on the wall, you can either sand or scrape them.

Do thorough research of an excellent primer for better adhesion while painting the surfaces. It boosts paint durability as well as offers some additional protection. Painting using a primer is efficient in unpainted house exteriors.

After primer, apply two layers of topcoat paint. It is also recommendable to surfaces that need significant repairs and scrapping.

Consider the Mother Nature.

Understand mother nature before you start painting; otherwise, your paint will go to waste or have great results. You should plan. Know the weather patterns in your location and the time of year should be a factor to consider. The best timing is when it’s dry, with little rain and very low humidity. Any paint will only adhere to dry surfaces; wet areas will be a total mess.

Also, if there is direct sunlight, cool temperatures, or wind, the painting will turn out so devastating.

Note that the sun will dry the paint quickly, reducing the chances of even painting. Wind will carry some debris and dust to your wet paint, while low temperatures below 10 degrees are not the best painting.

Quality of Price.

High-quality paints are durable. It means you will not have to repaint regularly. It saves you time and money. Nowadays, the painting industries have improved the various types of paints in use.

Their colors guarantee a longer lifespan than decades ago. You might attempt to scrimp on paint to pay a lesser amount for a cheaper brand; however, you end up spending more in the long run.

After purchasing your top-notch paint, follow the instructions given. For application, you can use rollers, paint sprayers, or brushes. A brush will offer a precise and controlled application while the sprayer covers a larger surface area.

There are more tools at your disposal; choose the one you are comfortable with. The paint technology advice on applying two topcoats on the home exteriors.

Scrape off the Loose Paint.

When you are preparing the surface that you want to paint, you might come across loose paintings. Therefore, if the exterior is dry, it’s the best time to get rid of the flaking, loose paint.

Use a handheld scraper to remove it. It’s a popular tool for the job. You might as well use an infrared paint stripper or hot-air gun, but don’t use an open-flame torch.

This might easily cause a fire since the paint is highly flammable. Wear a mask and an overall while at it to be lead-safe.

Protect the Surrounding Area.

At this point, you can use plastic, cotton sheeting, or drop cloths to protect outdoor furnishings, landscaping, or other surrounding items around the paint area. A painter’s tape is vital to keep your paint from trickling on trim, windows, and doors.

The Bottom Line

Painting can be labor-intensive. If you are not good at painting, don’t fret! We have not heard of any substitute for professional painting services. They are experts who have painted before for years and have more to offer.

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