Tips for Painting Your Ceiling


Just Moved, and ready to make a statement painting your walls, don’t forget ceiling paint!

Painting the walls of your new house can be the most exciting part of moving into a new home. Adding your own little personal flair to any room can really make it feel like your own. When it comes to painting, always remember the fifth wall! The ceiling! Many people don’t think to refresh this surface in a room. How often do you look up, after all? Not painting your ceiling can leave rooms feeling dark, dusty, and outdated. A quick fresh coat of white paint can refresh any room, or if you’re feeling extra bold, go for a colored ceiling! 

Where to being Painting Your Ceiling

When it comes to painting your ceiling, you may not know where to begin, I can seem almost impossible at times. Making a mess is not on your to-do list, and you also want the outcome to be perfect! Painting directly above your head and not making a mess or mistake can be extremely difficult. Step one: grab a pair of safety goggles to make sure that you don’t get any paint in your eyes while you work, while you’re at it, grab a baseball cap too. As you can imagine, a little extra paint on the roller directly above your head has nowhere to go but down. So this can be tricky. The second step is to lay down plastic over any exposed area on the floor to ensure that no paint stains your carpet or hardwood floors. Tape a plastic tarp around the perimeter of the room to be sure that it won’t move around while you work. When you begin painting, begin from the outside in to get the perfect even coat of paint that you’re looking for. Using a 4-5″ brush around the edges will give you crisp, clean lines. Cutting in the edges before you roll will cover most of the brush marks it may leave. You’ll be using a roller for the majority of the surface area. Be sure to paint towards yourself instead of overhead to make sure you have proper leverage and don’t overwork your arms. Working in 5-6 square foot areas work best to cover quickly and evenly. One thing you should never do is paint in a “V” or “W” shape, as this will create uneven coats, and you’ll see the brush strokes as the paint dries. 

How many Coats for Ceiling Paint?

One of the best parts about painting ceilings is that they rarely get direct sunlight shone on them, so they generally only need one coat of paint. If you feel your ceiling may need a second coat, wait until the first is dried thoroughly to decide. Many people put a second coat of paint to make the color deeper and more noticeable. If you’re using plain white, one coat may be the most efficient way. 

How to choose a color when painting your ceiling

paint-ceiling-blueIn most homes, the ceiling color is often just white. It’s fresh, clean, but not very eye-catching. Venturing out from this traditional color can add a personal flair to any room. Bold, daring colors, and darker hues can bring a sultry vibe to a room, or a neutral tan or baby blue can open up space and make it feel airier. The possibilities are endless. 

The greatest thing about painting your ceiling is that it’s just one surface. If you try something more daring and don’t like it, you can always repaint it! Go for something bold and different; you never know how much of an impact color can make until you see it in your own setting. We always recommend and use Sherwin Williams paint, because it’s simply the best. If this does not feel like a DIY project you are ready to take on, call the professionals at Polson Painting! We can be in and out quickly, and also provide you with a color consultation to help choose the right color to suit your taste.

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