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Sherwin Williams Color of the Year 2024 is here!

What color represents the color of the year for 2024? In the world of interior design and home decor, selecting the perfect paint color is akin to choosing the foundation for a beautiful masterpiece. Every year, Sherwin-Williams, one of the

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house bill 735 licensed painting contractors

Changes to Licensed Painting Contractors

WARNING: Changes to Licensed Painting Contractors in the State of Florida A new Florida law, House Bill 735, signed by Governor Ron DeSantis in June 2021, bans Florida municipalities and counties from creating additional licensing requirements for a long list

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small rooms look big

Use Color to Make Small Rooms Look Big

How to Use Light and Dark Paint Colors to Make Small Rooms Look Bigger You have probably already heard that light colors make a small room look bigger. For example, going all-white on your bath walls makes it feel bigger

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paint kitchen cabinets

Can You Paint Over Kitchen Cabinets?

Why You Should Not DIY Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets Refurbishing kitchens remains one of the most costly projects in a home. In actual fact, most professionals put the average cost for a simple remodel at approximately $ 4,000. On the

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4 Paint Touch Ups To Do Before The Holidays

The 4 Best Painting Touch-ups to do before the Holidays With the busy season of the holidays quickly approaching, it can be difficult to get your home picture perfect before guests arrive. A quick interior paint job is the perfect

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5 Tips for Painting Your Home’s Exterior

What is recommended when painting the exterior of your house? Scrape off the loose paints and give your home a fresh and updated, clean look with exterior paint. It adds a curb appeal to your budget. However, a correctly done

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Top five reasons not to DIY Paint

Is it better to paint yourself or hire someone? 5 reasons not to diy paint: If you are looking around your home and have decided that it is drab, dull and needs updating you may 1 be thinking, “Should I

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Tips for Painting Your Ceiling

Just Moved, and ready to make a statement painting your walls, don’t forget ceiling paint! Painting the walls of your new house can be the most exciting part of moving into a new home. Adding your own little personal flair

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Small Spaces Make a Big Impact with Paint

Small Spaces Where Paint Can Make a Big Impact Whether you have a smaller home, or a bigger home with a lot of smaller spaces, these smaller areas don’t have to go unnoticed. By painting smaller spaces that you maybe

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Professional Painting Contractor

What Can Polson Painting Do That I can’t? Like most homeowners, your home is probably the biggest investment you will ever make, and how you take care of it is crucial. When it comes time to paint, you may find

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Easy Ways to Increase Curb Appeal

Increase Curb Appeal with these Easy Tips Whether you are selling your home, updating your look, or just want to give it some curb appeal- we’ve got some great tips to help you! What does the front of your home present

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What Paint Colors Are Best For My Kitchen?

How Do I choose the right color for my kitchen walls? Thinking about redecorating your kitchen without the cost of a remodel? How about changing the wall colors. When it comes to painting your home, there aren’t many rooms as

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Painting Company or Painting Contractor

Hiring a Painting Company vs. a Painting Contractor What is the difference between hiring a painting contractor that does all the work themselves versus a painting company with a crew? They are all professional painters right? So what’s the difference,

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Painting Contractors with Project Managers

Why is it important to hire a painting contractor that employs project managers? When you hire a painting contractor are you guaranteed to have a project manager? And why is that important? It is unlikely you will have a project

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Color Consultation

What can I expect from a color consultation? The most difficult aspect of any painting project is picking a color. If you have been looking at colors for weeks or even months and you still can’t make a decision it’s

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Get 3 Quotes for a Painter

You get what you pay for in a painting contractor Chances are you’ve seen advertisements that look too good to be true.  They may boast a very low cost for painting three or four rooms in your home. Many people

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Cheap Paint Vs Quality Paint

Why does paint quality matter? You may be thinking all paints are the same and that it doesn’t matter which brand you choose whether it be considered a high-end brand or a budget friendly option. However quality matters a lot

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We Use Only Sherwin Williams Paint

Here’s why we only use Sherwin Williams paint If you’ve ever shop for paints then you know that there are a wide variety of brands to choose from. Each brand has a variety of paint finishes and there is a

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Quality of Top-Notch Painting Companies

Here are 6 Qualities of top-notch painting companies When you set out to find a painter to paint the interior or exterior of your home you will find several options. How do you know which one to pick? Not all

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Looking for “The Best Tampa Painting Company”? Ever noticed what that quote means? Is it signaling towards a language or something like that? Well, the answer is No. In actual practice, this quote is presenting the beauty of the art

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Painting Contractor Recommendations

9 Reasons Your Neighbors Recommend Polson Painting Hiring a painting contractor can be a very daunting task; do you ask your friends, look up reviews online, go with the cheapest quote?   At Polson Painting, we have established such a positive

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Best Painting Company in Tampa

At a point in an individual’s life, one is quite at the crossroads of making decisions. The ability of such decision to be accurate (right) or wrong will depend largely on the information one gets from family, friends, the media,

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